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Uptilt is a leading provider of ASP-based marketing automation solutions for Global 2,000 and middle market companies. The company currently offers advanced email marketing automation solutions through EmailLabs.

Since being founded in October of 1999 by executives from Infoseek/GO, Webex and Vulcan Ventures, Uptilt has shown a steady and strong rate of growth, client wins, profitability and innovation. These executives shared a vision of providing world class services with the highest level of customer service and support in the industry.

Uptilt's original product suite included private label web tools for businesses looking to enhance their users' Web experience. These included polling, survey, trivia and calendar engines, message board, product rating tool and email marketing applications. EmailLabs emerged as a distinct solution company of Uptilt as the obvious need for excellence in the email marketing segment grew.

In May 2000, EmailLabs launched the second version of its ASP-based email marketing solution. Version three launched in April of 2002 with advanced reporting and tracking features, complete data segmentation, survey systems, reply-to handling, user profiling and many more new features. In October 2003, EmailLabs launched its next generation application with dozens of enhancements, including open and click histograms, spam content message checker, user permission controls, report builder, link aliasing and more.

In the Fall of 2003, EmailLabs was named a top 10 email marketing service provider by Jupiter Research and made ASPnews' Top 50 ASP list. In December of 2003 the company launched its first Quarterly Delivery Trends Report that analyzes email marketing delivery trends across EmailLabs' client base.

Uptilt is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California. The company reached positive cash-flow and profitability in Q4 of 2002 and has remained so each quarter thereafter. Uptilt's Q3 2003 profits increased 211 percent over Q3 2002 and revenues grew by 79 percent for the same period ending Sept. 30, 2002.

For additional information, please email us at sales@uptilt.com.