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Marketing Automation Solutions That Work For You

At its most simplistic level, Uptilt’s vision is to provide companies and end users with on demand marketing automation solutions that enhance customer relationships while utilizing your existing processes.

Looking a bit deeper, Uptilt’s vision of the future is based on some fundamental beliefs and approaches to the marketing automation market:

  • On Demand Solutions – ASP-based solutions (hosted software) software are proving to be the preferred platform for many marketing automation solutions such as email marketing and call center/customer support. Hosted software through Uptilt provides companies with many advantages including: no drain on internal IT resources; no need to purchase and maintain hardware and systems; monthly pay-as-you go fees instead of expensive licenses with annual maintenance and upgrades costs; continuous and seamless upgrades; and more.
  • Best of Breed for Each Customer Touch Point – One of the promises of marketing automation solutions has been to centralize customer data and touch points into a central database and infrastructure. The reality to date, however, is that this process can be very difficult and expensive to implement – and even if successful, may not provide the necessary payback. At Uptilt, we share this vision of marketing automation nirvana, but recognize that for most companies having a best-of-breed solution that solves a specific problem is the right choice.
  • Usability and Configurability – One of the failures of many marketing automation solutions – whether software or ASP – is that they force users to adapt their processes to that of the application. What a surprise then that so many stories abound of marketing automation failures and low adoption rates. At Uptilt, we understand the importance of having technology that fits your company – rather than the other way around. Our applications are designed on a core platform that is designed to be configured exactly to mirror your company’s or department’s processes and culture. And if you require unique customizations, our solutions are architected to enable our engineering team to add custom features quickly and easily.
  • Benefits to the End User – Large marketing automation solutions are purchased by CEOs and other members of management based on promises of increased productivity, streamlined processes and bottom-line cost savings. The reality for many companies, however, has been that the end-users of the software either didn’t use the applications, had to change how they worked – decreasing productivity – or saw little to no benefit in using the application. Uptilt starts with the end user in mind. In fact, all of our solutions are first built for our own internal use. The solutions are tested and improved to meet our own needs, before taking it to market.

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